Build Up Your Credit The Smart Way!

Credit Building Solana Beach CA

Build Up Your Credit The Smart Way!

Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores take time to build up because they take into account your past behavior as well as your present actions. Consistency is the key to a good credit score. Here are a few simple tips to push your credit score in the right direction.

  • Balances: Your credit card balances play a major role in your credit score. Monthly balances factor into your score even if you pay the balance in full every month. Paying down your balance and keeping it low is a great way to boost your credit score.
  • Multiple Cards: The amount of cards you have and the balances on each can affect your score as well. Using multiple cards can hurt your score. Gather up all those credit cards, pay them off, and get rid of the ones you do not need. Select one or two cards that you can use for everything, so that too many credit card balances do not tank your score.
  • Old Debt: Debt that you used to have, if you handled it well and paid it off, can actually be good for your credit. Leave old debt and good accounts on your credit report as long as possible. Instead of calling to get the debt removed from your credit once it is paid off, keep your debt on the record for as long as you can (normally these items are removed from your report after 7 years).
  • Paying Bills On Time: When planning a big purchase, do not let the hassle make you start sending bills late. Paying your bills on time is an easy way to positively impact your credit score.

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