Are You Eating These Financial Foods?

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Are You Eating These Financial Foods?

Enjoy a prosperous year with these delicious foods. 

Setting up your finances in the beginning of the year can put you on the fast track to buy your own house in 2016. While you check your savings account and boost your credit score, you may also want to fill up your fridge. Consider enjoying these good luck financial foods from around the world to help bring financial health and good fortune!

  • Cornbread – the rich, yellow hue of cornbread is supposed to signify gold. In the South, people traditionally add extra corn kernels to their cornbread batter for extra luck throughout the year.
  • Lentils – as lentils cook and swell, they start to take on the appearance of coins, helping to signify prosperity. In Italy, green lentils are eaten with sausage as a delicious meal for good fortune.
  • Pomegranates – these luscious red fruits are full of seeds. In various Mediterranean countries, eating the seeds is believed to bring abundance into every part of your life, including your bank account.
  • Fish – people in Germany, Scandinavia, and Poland enjoy a tasty herring to bring prosperity into their life. In Italy, it is more customary to enjoy dried, salted cod.
  • Noodles – in Japan and China, buckwheat or soba noodles are eaten in the New Year to help symbolize longevity. Make sure to eat the entire noodle at once without breaking it. Barley, quinoa, and rice are also believed to bring abundance to your life.
  • Circular foods – donuts, bagels, and round cakes are meant to bring a lucky year.

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