How to Celebrate Paying Off Your Mortgage

How to Celebrate Paying Off Your Mortgage

How to Celebrate Paying Off Your Mortgage

After years or even decades of paying off your mortgage, you have finally made the last payment. How are you going to celebrate this joyous occasion?

Most people who “own” a home also have a mortgage that looms over them at all times. It is a mountain of debt with a peak so high it is not visible from the ground upon which you stand, and will take most people 30 years to climb. But it is climbable and it is a mountain that all homeowners must ascend. Little by little, thought, you will climb this mountain. How will you celebrate on the day you send the final payment of your mortgage?

Mortgage-Burning Party

Burning that which once held you down can offer a terrific sense of archaic relief. A bonfire to bid your mortgage a fiery farewell may be the thing you need in order to give a final sigh of relief.

Become an Archer

There are some people that paint a big bullseye on their mortgage contract and take solace in destroying their mortgage by releasing their inner Legolas and taking aim at their contract.

Pay a Mortgage (to Yourself)

You may not know what to do with all the extra cash you have every month. Instead of spending it on nonsensical things, you can invest this money into a retirement account.

Splurge on a Vacation

With all of this extra income every month, you could also save up for that vacation you have always wanted to take. You’ll be surprised how fast you can save up for the tickets, hotel, and transportation with all of that extra cash going to your vacation fund.

Your mortgage is something over which you can prevail, and if you need help, contact Elvin Wesley at Ranch & Coast Mortgage Group Inc. For all of your home loan needs throughout Solana Beach and San Diego County, as well as all of California.