Why Your Mortgage Rate Matters So Much

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Why Your Mortgage Rate Matters So Much

When you buy a home, your mortgage rate will ultimately determine how much it costs you.

We all know that buying a home is expensive. In fact, it’s the single largest purchase most Americans will ever make.

What may be surprising, then, is that the purchase price shouldn’t be your only point of financial focus when you buy a home. Yes, you absolutely need to choose a home in your budget, but finding real estate under the number you think you can afford doesn’t mean you’re done crunching numbers.

Let’s say you’re buying a house for $300,000. You’ll pay $300,000 for it, right? Yes – if you’re making a cash offer for it flat out. If, however, you’re like most Americans and will need to get a loan to buy a home, you’ll end up paying more for it over the years thanks to interest.

Exactly how much interest you’ll pay will depend on your mortgage rate, if it changes, how it’s calculated, how often your interest compounds, and other detailed factors. It might sound like a lot of work to understand it all, but skipping this step could cost your thousands—if not tens of thousands—of dollars over the life of your loan.

To get the best mortgage rate, it’s a good idea to bolster your credit score and minimize your other debt before you apply for your mortgage. Also, compare rates from multiple lenders to make sure you get the most competitive pricing!

At Ranch & Coast Mortgage Group Inc., we understand that calculating exactly how much a mortgage will cost you over the years is challenging. Don’t worry, though; that’s our job! To get a Solana Beach, California mortgage lender on your side who can help you run the numbers and find out which financing option will be best for you, call us today!